The best kayaking tours all over the world


No matter your level, the French Alps are a beautiful playground for kayakers. Starting with the Ardèche for beginners or the bigger volume of the Sunshine Run on the Durance for an intermediate/advanced trip, you can get used to the style and size of the rivers in the region before progressing in a direction that suits your style.


The northern coast of Vancouver Island is one of the best places in the world to paddle alongside orcas. There is also a good chance of spotting humpback whales, eagles, river otters, black bears, seals and porpoises.


With more than 750 nautical miles of rugged shoreline, there is no better way to experience Kenai Fjords National Park than by sea kayak. Here in wild Alaska, adventurous paddlers can explore a remote wilderness where glaciers meet the sea and remnants of the ice age still remain.

The best canoe tours across the world


Canada is a country made for canoeing, and the Nahanni River is a solid choice for experienced canoeists to set course. Epic in scale, it runs through Canada’s deepest river canyons, over its greatest waterfall and through jaw-droppingly beautiful wilderness along the way.


Deep in the south west of New Zealand’s South Island, you will find some of the most beautiful fjords in the whole world. Milford Sound is among the most famous, surrounded by towering lush green peaks. Writer Rudyard Kipling described it as the “eighth wonder of the world”.


Whether you want to cajole with whales, swim with seals or sip a margarita while watching the sun set from a secluded beach, Baja, Calif., boasts some of the best warm-water and warm-weather sea kayaking to be found on the planet.

The best tips for kayaking

Dress for the water, not the weather
Regardless of whether it’s a cold near-winter morning or a hot mid-summer afternoon, dress for the water. For example, if you’d normally wear a wetsuit in those waters, wear one kayaking. If it’s more board shorts appropriate water, a well-fitting swimsuit will suffice.
Make Up Your Mind
The first and most important part of this activity is to make up your mind to row or paddle your kayak on the water. It requires great maneuvering and skill. There is a need of getting adjusted to the water and its momentum, otherwise you may topple off.
Get the Right Gear
Using the right gear is not only essential for staying comfortable and having fun, it's also important for keeping you safe.


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